Display the List of Block Devices in Linux (e.g. Hard Disk, CD-ROM, Flash Drive)

When you want to find out the list of block devices in your computer, you can use lsblk.

Sample Usage

List block devices


List all block devices


List all SCSI devices

Please take note of the capital ‘S’

lsblk -S

Specifically list column

You can get all the available columns by running lsblk -h.



Fix SSH Login `Too many authentication failures` Due To Multiple SSH Keys

When loging in to your one of your remote server with or without a password and you got the Too many authentication failures error, then its your ssh client using multiple irrelivant keys for authentication. There are two ways to get out from this. One: Explicitly indicate you’re using password as your method of authentication, if you’re using one. Or, Two: specify SSH to use only relevant identity.

Specific Authentication Method Using Password Only

ssh -o 'PreferredAuthentications password' user@someserver.com

Use Identity Only

ssh -o 'IdentitiesOnly yes' user@someserver.com